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Patient Testimonials

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Simply put, contacting New Life was the best decision I have ever made! This is the ONLY treatment that has shown real, tangible results in my 15+ year search for relief, & as far as I'm concerned I've found the "Holy Grail" of treatment for the issues that have plagued Me for so long. I don't want to get into the specifics of my personal medical history, but I will say that I've tried Almost every medication there is for my "issues" (Never getting results), & several counselors / therapists (Which do help), yet i never realy felt or got any better, That is until i found New Life Ketamine Clinic.

I requested more information from them online one evening, & received a call back the very next day. They were very polite, professional, informative, & they got me on the schedule just a few days later. The day of my first infusion was so profound & pivotal because it was the first time in over a decade & a half that I felt any better, & more importantly I felt something that I had almost completely lost... Hope. After my second infusion I distinctly noticed that I was beginning to feel alot better, & by the end of my final infusion I am feeling more like myself then I have in a very long time. I could literally write a book about my experience there, & the almost immediate relief that I have enjoyed. But for the sake of brevity I am going to simply say that New Life Ketamine Clinic is by far the best thing that has happened to me on my journey to better Mental Health. Everyone on their staff far exceeded what I expect from mental health professionals, & the clear results I have seen from the medication are undeniable because I am actually living my life again. So if you feel like you've "tried it all" & still haven't seen any Improvement, you need to set up an appointment for this specific treatment at this specific clinic, because it changed my life & I cannot imagine a single reason why you would ever regret it. Thank you New Life Ketamine Clinic for giving my children a happier & more functional father! Sincerely, Mike
Mike Bradford
Ketamine Patient
After years of trying traditional therapies with dismal results, we opted to try Ketamine therapy. It has been a life changer. After just a few treatments we noticed something positive was happening. By the time we finished the series of infusions, we knew we were on the right track. After a month from the last treatment we continue to see improvement. Our experience with "New Life Ketamine Clinic" was nothing short of life changing for our family. They gave us the facts and didn't try to sell us on the treatment. Everyone from the clinic has been supportive and helpful. If traditional therapies have not worked for you, I highly recommend you check out "New Life Ketamine Clinic."
Michael Cardwell
Ketamine Patient
I very highly recommend ketamine treatments, I have had major depression and anxiety my entire adult life and have now become resistant to to antidepressants, I had even had a DNA test to find which ones would work best for me. Nothing was helping anymore! I am so glad that I found this and looked into it, I had researched other types of treatments and overall I had found that those that had gone this route were doing better even months after the treatments. Everyone at this office has been absolutely wonderful and have helped me feel safe and have been concerned for my well being, and have gone out of their way to help me, definitely above and beyond.
Valerie Howell
Ketamine Patient
I am so thankful for the opportunity to have received my ketamine infusions at New Life Ketamine. The owners, staff, and doctors here are so caring and you can tell they want the best for all clients that come through their doors. The Ketamine along with a new antidepressant have made a world of difference for me and my depression. I don't think the antidepressant would have worked for me on it's own, I tried numerous antidepressants before with no luck. I really feel like the Ketamine was the missing piece. I highly recommend this place if you have had no luck with other depression treatments on their own.
Jenna Leichty
Ketamine Patient
I had been researching the use of Ketamine for Depression for several years and finally made the decision to try it. I located New Life clinic during a Google search. After talking with John who has quite a bit of information, I had my first treatment. After the appointment I felt more upbeat and aware of how bad I had been feeling for the past several years. My true and amazing result came during my fifth treatment when I experienced a breakthrough moment during the treatment. Everything in my day to day existence has changed for the better. I highly encourage you or someone you love, who is looking into Ketamine treatment, to at least give them a call.
Todd Wright
Ketamine Patient
I have struggled with treatment resistant depression and anxiety for 11 years. I became suicidal again this past winter, and nothing was helping, not even going inpatient for treatment. I had also recently started having symptoms of anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure/enjoyment/accomplishment). I thought the emotional pain was never going to end. Thanks to ketamine infusions I got my life back. The staff are kind and truly care about their patients. If you or someone you know is struggling I recommend giving New Life Ketamine Clinic a try.
Davina Baker
Ketamine Patient
I am so thankful for this clinic. I really feel like a new person. Everyone who works there is so kind and caring. I haven't felt this good in YEARS! I highly recommend trying this and New Life is the best!
W Smith
Ketamine Patient