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Ketamine Treatment Cost

Ketamine Treatment for Mood

Beginning to pay for it and all of the out-of-network stuff all the way through “to keep you feeling your best”

Will My Insurance Pay for Treatment?

Maybe. Ketamine treatment for mood and anxiety disorders is an innovative treatment and many insurance companies are now beginning to pay for it.

We are out of network for all insurance companies. If you have out-of-network coverage and your insurance pays you back when you see doctors out-of-network, they may send you a check to cover a portion of your treatment. We have had patients get back anywhere from 20% Р80% if they have out-of-network benefits. Our team will gladly provide you with the documentation necessary to request reimbursement.

At New Life Ketamine Clinic, LLC, we offer comprehensive consultation and schedule ketamine appointments based on what each individual needs, including follow-up maintenance infusions or “boosters” when you need them – to keep you feeling your best.

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Financing Options

Advance Care Card

advanced care card for ketamine treatment


eFinancing Solutions

New Life Ketamine Clinic has partnered with a very flexible 3rd party finance company that helps patients finance payment for their treatments.

This partner is eFinancing Solutions, a budget-conscious loan provider. Please inquire for details on this payment program.


Visa. MasterCard. American Express. Discover. HSA and FSA. Cash. Check

We keep your credit card on file and charge it the morning of your treatment. We also accept cash and checks if you want to keep things private, but we require a credit card on file as back up.